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  • D&B AudioTechnik V Series point source tops with 18/12 VSubs on low end
  • Infills are D&B Y series point source speakers
  • All powered by D&B DSP Amplifiers
  • Main lighting system is a 3D hanging pixel mapped full ceiling Led display powered by a Madrix front end software system
  • Periphery spots are 6 x Chauvet Rogue R1X
  • DJ booth houses a full Nexus 2 DJM900 and CDJ2000’s with added DDJ-XP2 sample pad controller for extra effect
  • On DJs right, a live digital mixer, Allen and heath QU16
  • On DJs right, Madrix control touchscreen for the Ceiling feature lights and a smaller Touchscreen to control spots
  • Additional FX include C02 canons, confetti launchers and Sirens
venue red


  • JBL system, featuring a Compact 1500w Array column speaker, CBT1000
  • tASB7128 twin 18” subs
  • DJ Booth housing same Nexus 2 CDJ2000’s and DJM900 mixer as featured in Lightbox
  • Lighting features 8 x Rogue FX1-B infinite spin multi spot fixtures and 4 x periphery spot Rogue R1X
venue manuka

Manuka Bar

  • Compact Martin Audio Blackline system, 4 x X8 tops and an X118 sub, featuring a tight & warm sound
venue honeypot

The Honeypot

  • Nexo PS8 system with 1×18” sub and added Buttkikrs

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